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Hull Cleaning
  • A major cost of operating a ship is the cost of fuel. Any reduction in fuel consumption will result in a direct and proportional reduction in operating costs. Since up to 70% of a ship’s propulsive energy is needed to overcome hydrodynamic resistance (friction), keeping the hull and propeller surfaces smooth will minimize waste and improve the speed and/or distance to be gained from burning a barrel of fuel.
  • Underwater cleaning has other economic advantages besides those associated with propulsion efficiency. Unclogging fouled suction grates improves the flow of water to internal machinery and reduces pump wear. Cleaning the hull regularly prevents biofouling buildup, thereby lengthening the effective life of the anti-foulant coating and sustaining the anti-corrosive coating system for longer dry-dock intervals. Removing calcareous growth at its first appearance reduces the likelihood of external hull corrosion and pitting. During every cleaning, we see and carefully inspect each portion of the hull.
  • Our underwater hull cleaning machines are the most effective means of removing marine fouling currently available. Underwater cleaning removes the marine fouling that compromises a ship’s performance enabling the operator to work his vessel at optimum levels without extra fuel burn and engine stress.

  • Follow Links to Checkout some of our Underwater Hull Cleaning work :

  • Using Mini Pamper at Visakhapatnam Anchorage - Video1

  • Hull cleaning at Vizag Anchorage using Mini pamper system - Video2

  • Hull cleaning at Vizag Anchorage using Mini Pamper system - Video3

  • Click links below for Machinery/Brushes data sheet: :

  • DataSheet - 1

  • DataSheet - 2

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